1-4a Rename. The best batch file renamer around

1-4a rename
Excellent freeware file renamer for large file numbers.
One For All


Typical Problems

 How does this program work? I have heavy problems!
 Why is the start button greyed out? I can't rename any file!
 How do I stop 1-4a rename from connecting to the internet?
 Can I change files individually (unmark, resort, right-click)?
 Are there subfolder functions?
 Can I save settings? Can I start up with a certain setting?
 Why do I get a # automatically inserted in my filenames?
 Are there any help files?
 How can I add 1-4a Rename to windows explorer (right-click)?
 How can I replace all filenames by a running number?
 Why does the Start button show "Rename and Delete"?
 I pressed the Start Button, but the names didn't change
 Can I change the attributes or the date?
 Can I change the mp3 tags or insert the files internal date? 
 Can I save a renaming to repeat it with other files?
 Can I save undo files?
 How can I reverse the sort order? How can I number from 100 down to 1?
 Can I make the blue folder box better (bigger, history,...)?
 Can I undo only the last operation?
 How can I rename with the help of a list (descript.ion)
 Vowals is misspelled!
 ***rename has menus and 1-4a Rename doesn't. How bad!

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