1-4a Rename. The best batch file renamer around

1-4a rename
Excellent freeware file renamer for large file numbers.
One For All


How to set Start Up options:
0) Drag and drop "rename.exe" to the start menu, while pressing ctrl+shift. This will create a .lnk file called "rename.exe". A .lnk file is an info file which does nothing except holding info about the .exe file and starting the .exe file when you click on the .lnk file.
1) Right-click on "rename.exe" in the start menu.
2) Click "Properties"
3) Select "Shortcut"
4) Add "/noc", "/e" or any other of the parameters in the target field outside of the quotes. So 

"c:\rename.exe" /e /noc would start 1-4a Rename in Expert Mode and without Online Checking.

"c:\rename.exe" c:\ would set the default folder to C:\.

"c:\rename.exe c:\windows" /e would set it to C:\Windows and start in Expert mode.

You can make different .lnk files to start in different folders or with different options.

This is not the only or the best solution, but it's the easiest one for beginners I guess.
Please read also How to let 1-4a Rename show up in Explorer's Right-Click Menu


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