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This page features some of my modifications for the phpBB forum software (

If you don't have a forum or if you don't use the phpBB software
then this page here is useless for you.

If you have a phpBB forum, then you might be also interested
in the Site Swap System (freeware) which makes others link to your Forum.

Free phpBB modifications and add-ons

"How can I prevent the hacking of my phpBB board?"

Even if you have the latest security updates installed you need to know these tips.
These mods will prevent hacking, no matter what new security issues will be found
Increase the security of your phpBB forum today! Free!
Free Security Mods for phpBB
Read these important security tips

"How did surfers find my forum?"

List all search engines
List all keywords
List topics
Demo and Support
What searchengines?
What keywords?
What topics?

"I want to add new avatar behaviour to phpBB"

Makes avatars sticky/persistent -> When a user changes his avatar his old posts still show the old one. (Click for demo)
Other users can rate and comment avatars. (Sign up as a user at and browse any thread to see how it works)
A toplist of avatars is created showing comments and votings. (Click for demo).

If you are the admin, then you can also see "Who rated how?"

An overview of all avatars of your forum can be generated (Click for demo)
A new function will be added to you admin area, that lets you unificate avatars that have been uploaded twice.
Demo and Support
Free Avatar Suite for phpBB

There is a similar mod (but inferior)
called "Sticky Avatars" by neclectic.
You can continue to use it (and use my
Avatar Suite as an add-on)
although it's not needed

+ You can choose/invent your own ratings
Bad - Average - Good - Top
OK - Better - Best
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
OK - Not OK
Valueless - Bad - Good - Cream

"How can I backup my phpBB including the database (MySQL) and files?"

Backups (and zips) your MySQL
Backups (and zips) your files and folders
Password-protects your backups
Demo and Support
Free Backup Suite for phpBB

+ it's an add-on
(= you do NOT need to modify your .php files)

"How can I add an image search (powered by Yahoo) to phpBB?"

Demo#1: Table template

Demo#2: Thumbnail size corresponds with image size

Demo#3: Emulate static .html files (brilliant for search engines!!)

Fully customizable
Ability to change the template with an URL parameter 
2 demo templates included
Free Integrated Picture Search for phpBB

+ it's an add-on
(= you do NOT need to modify your .php files)

"I want a floating menu with all phpBB links"

Demo: Floating Menu for phpBB

Why is this mod cool?

Because you can delete unnecessary links in your templates. As you know the standard installation of phpBB comes with a handful of links at the top of each page (FAQ, SEARCH, MEMBERLIST...) which can confuse Google. Thus using my menu can increase your site value (site relevance/pagerank) in the "eyes" of search engines.
Because the floating menu offers additional features, such as links to Wikipedia and Acronymfinder.
Because the floating menu is visible even if your users scroll down, thus a user does not need to scroll up to click "SEARCH".
Free Floating menu for phpBB
ver 1.0.0

+ it's an add-on
(= you do NOT need to modify your .php files)

"A phpBB page loads too slow. What causes it?"

Why is this mod cool?

This mod shows you why your .php pages load too slow.
You simply open a .php that loads too slow and set "break points". At the end of the page all time lengths between 2 breakpoints are displayed. 
The 3 longest calculation times are shown in red, so you can trace very fast the exact point of your .php files where the most time consumption takes place.
After you installed this mod you need to go to Track Time Thieves Support for a screenshot and further installation information. 
FreeTrack Time Thieves mod for phpBB
ver 1.0.0

"I want to display all avatars of all users of my phpBB forum"

DEPRECATED - Please download the Avatar Suite (see above)

Demo #1 List of all forum avatars
(has also the Sticky Avatar mod installed).

Demo #2 List of all forum avatars
(has not the Sticky Avatar mod installed = like a normal forum)

Please note, that it seems that some avatars are displayed twice in Demo #1, but if you examine the filenames you see that they are different (= the same avatar has been uploaded twice).

Please also note, if you should see Error404 Avatars it's not a bug in my mod but a bug in the phpBB software itself: Sometimes Avatars are accidentally deleted, but are still listed in the database. Thus in these cases my mod comes in handy, because you can use it to find these "ghost avatars" fast.

Free List all avatars for phpBB
ver 1.5.0

+ adds also a menu item in your admin area

+ it's an add-on
(= you do NOT need to modify your .php files)

DEPRECATED - Please download the Avatar Suite
(see above)



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