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Do you own a website?

Then add a link exchange/toplist system immediately to your website.

Completely free!
No costs, no hassle!

Increase you site value and get visitors!

This script boosts your site value and helps you to get others to link to you.
Virtually installation free: Just upload it and you are set. You can have your own toplist/link exchange in 20 seconds!
Upload it to every of your websites. If you have 10 websites then you can have 10 link exchanges in 200 seconds :-)
Nobody needs to sign-up: Everybody simply starts to link to you. The script automatically counts which website the visitor is coming from (= what referer sent them).
Whether you have a new website or a running website doesn't matter. This script is an ADD-ON. It shouldn't interfere with any of your current settings.
You can even use this free script as a standalone (= as a pure toplist).
You can even make money with it!

It's a revolution, to say the least.

  Are you ready to start?

Download the Free Toplist/Link Exchange Script

Brief installation note...

You need to have your own website (= your own domain with all the standard features like FTP, PHP etc).

The worst thing that could happen is that you lose 1 minute of your precious life by trying my script and finding out it won't work :-)

This script works without a database (something like MySQL is NOT needed).
This script works with phpBB forums, too (= you can make others link to your phpBB forum).

OK, here some more features...

Password-protected admin area!
Fully template driven (= you can adjust the way your toplist/linkswap pages look)
Supports categories and sub-categories.
The titles and descriptions are retrieved automatically.
Supports different languages!
Supports all typical toplist/link exchange features:
  • Sort by incoming hits
  • Page numbering
  • List breaks
  • Minimum hits to get listed
  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Banners
  • ...

What do we get?
At the very end of each link page there will be a link back to us. That's all!



  Are you ready to start?

Download the Free Toplist/Link Exchange Script


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