finest freeware*
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Renames Multiple Files
1-4a Rename
One of the best mass file renamers. [freeware]
Date statistics
1-4a Site Swap System
If you own a website, this freeware is a must. Let others link to you by adding this little wonder to your site in 20 seconds. [freeware]
Date statistics
1-4a DateStat
Shows date difference (=age) in many ways. [freeware]
Ratio Calculator
1-4a RatioCalculator
Calculates numbers fixed by a ratio. [freeware]
Multiplies huge numbers
1-4a SuperMultiplier
Can multiply/add/power.. HUGE numbers [freeware]

1-4a sector2percent
Translates Bad Sectors into Percent/Bytes/Clusters and vice versa. [freeware]
Static Content Management
1-4a FileCreator
Site generator. Creates uploadable static content, like this guide for Online Casinos. [shareware]
[in progress]
Changes Lines in Text files
1-4a Textfile Line Changer
Can process each line of a text file or skip textlines. [freeware]
Converts IMDB content to WIKI
1-4a imdb2wiki
Converts imdb.com movie credits to encyclopedia style. [freeware]

1-4a phpBB mods
If you use phpBB you can add a few of my modifications. [freeware]

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