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(if you haven't done so, please read the SSS introduction first)

Did we mention that you can earn money with the SSS script?

At the end of each generated page a link displayed:
  • Either to "" (yup, a shameless backlink to us)
  • Or to "" (= where everyone is listed who uses this script, including you)
  • Or to "" (= you can make money)
What do you need to do to earn money with the link?

You have to get a ClickBank ID first (Clickbank is a third party that manages all payments. This special link let's you sign-up for free at Clickbank.)

Then edit sss_config.php and insert your ClickBank ID where is says:
$sss_clickbankid =

If your Clickbank ID is johnsmith then you need to set it like
$sss_clickbankid = 'johnsmith';

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