Site Swap System [SSS] (Freeware) Freeware    SSS    Installation instructions

(if you haven't done so, please read the SSS introduction first)

Download and install this toplist/link exchange

#1: Download
   Read the Terms of Service and then download
#2: Rename your main index file
Rename your main page of your website (usually index.htm, index.php, index.html or whatever) to something else (e.g. index2.htm)
Insert this new name where it says
$sss_localfile =

Let's say your normal main index file of your website is "index.htm" then you should rename it to "index2.htm" and then change the above line to:
$sss_localfile = 'index2.htm';

#3: Upload everything to your website
Upload it to your main folder (= the folder where your index2.htm) is. 
Set the permissions of the folder linkdata to 777. This is important. (The folders and files inside of linkdata don't need to be changed.)

Voila, that's it


Test it after you have installed it:
If you call this page for the first time, you will be prompted to define a password.
Shows every website that sent you visitors (you shouldn't see anything since you have just installed the script).

Test it (after installation):

Type in your domain name and press <enter>. Just a small test...


See an example

I have installed the link exchange at, too.

See all the sites that link to me by going to

(None of these listed sites needed to sign-up or was even informed).

The script itself is which counts every visitor and then forwards it to (the original page)

Click here for Advanced Configuration Instructions (templates etc)