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1-4a Ratio Calculator (Freeware)




WHAT DOES 1-4a Ratio Calculator DO? It calculates 2 numbers, where the second number is dependant on the first by a certain ratio.

It also shows some other info, like the area as % compared to the row you click on, the divisors of height and width, etc.

It is only a calculator. You cannot edit or change files with it.


WHO NEEDS THAT? Everybody, who needs to calculate video heights/widths/areas...

I needed it to calculate legal aspect ratios, after cropping a few lines from the bottom.

You may also need it, if you want to have a certain area (say about 1 million pixels) and a certain width/height ratio and you need to find the width and height.


FUNCTIONS You can see every function it has in the screenshot above.


INSTALLATION There are no installation routines.

Simply unzip the file to any folder.

1-4a Ratio Calculator doesn't write anything to your hard disk. To uninstall it just delete the .exe file.


1-4a Ratio Calculator is freeware,
BUT you have to type in your comments/ideas below, if you decide to not delete it.

Write your comment below and press <return>

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1-4a Ratio Calculator

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