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What does my free software do? It changes text files!

It can process each text line. How? You specify it yourself with the function "Process each line" (see image above).

Without going too much into details this is how it works:

{{Originalline}} Unchanged line
{{Originalline|caseupper}} Makes the line uppercase
{{Originalline|caselower}} Makes the line lowercase
{{Originalline|appendifnotnil:look}} Appends the text "look" at the end of each textline if the textline is not empty.
{{Originalline|reverse}} Reverses text lines: "hallo" -> "ollah"
{{Originalline|reverse|caseupper}} Reverses text lines and turns them uppercase: "hallo" -> "OLLAH"
{{Originalline|sort:@,""}} Sort the words within the textlines alphabetically and separates them by "@"
{{Originalline}}{{crlf}} Replaces the original EndOfLine {{eol}} by CarriageReturnLineFeed {{crlf}}
{{Originalline|replace:a,b}} Replaces all "a" to "b"

There are hundreds of functions and when I find the time I will put the documentation online.


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