IMDB 2 Wiki Parser and Converter (Freeware)

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What a cryptic name for this program!

Here are some explanations:

IMDB is the Internet Movie DataBase (an Amazon company).

A Wiki is an online encyclopedia where every information is editable by surfers (OK, that's not 100% correct, but this definition will do).

An example of such a dictionary is (my own wiki encyclopedia about the Matrix movies) or (the biggest wiki on earth). You go there, click on "Edit this page" and your text is immediately online and visible for others.

A parser is a program that takes information with a layout (=  with colors and font sizes etc.) and deletes all the layout and leaves the information only.

Example for such a parsing process:

Original info:
Britney Spears (female) loves Justin Timberlake (male) very much
Michael Jackson (male) hates Madonna (female) a bit.

Parsed info:

Gender 1 Name
Gender 2 emotion degree
Britney Spears f Justin Timberlake m love very much
Michael Jackson m Madonna f hate a bit

As you see the unstructured info has been converted into a structured table. The table then can be used to sort, convert, export the data etc.


What can my freeware do?

It saves you time by allowing you to convert an IMDB fullcredits page into wiki format.


OK, how does it work?

  1. Go to a page which has the full cast and crew info of a movie, for example (Full credits for "Enter the Matrix")

  2. Press Ctrl-A (= mark all) [important note]

  3. Press the button "Paste HTML from clipboard" in my software

  4. The wiki-formatted output will appear


All you need now is to copy and paste the wiki-format output into your wiki dictionary and you have a full cast+crew credit page for your wiki.

  • All actor names/ cast names/ crew names link directly to IMDB

  • All characters/ roles are surrounded by [[ ]] and therefore link to directly to an entry in your wiki encyclopedia.

Technical note

Actually my program has 2 functions:

imdb2data (the imdb parser itself) followed by data2wiki (the converter that outputs the data in wiki format).

Both functions combined result in the imdb2wiki output.


1-4a Imdb2Wiki is freeware

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