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What does my free software do?

It "translates" the position on a hard disk ("sector" or "cluster" or "byte" or "%") into another position ("sector" or "cluster" or "byte" or "%").

Thus you could call my software:
byte2percent, byte2sector, byte2cluster, percent2byte, percent2sector, percent2cluster, cluster2byte, cluster2percent, cluster2sector, sector2byte, sector2cluster


What do you need it for?

My software is very useful if you know a certain position on a hard drive, but you need to express it in another way:
Example: Sometimes you know where a bad sector is located, but you need to translate it into percent "%".

For example:
The software that I use to locate bad sectors (bad tracks) on my harddisk shows the position as "bad bytes".
But the software to repair these bad bytes (SpinRite) accepts only "%" as input.


This is just a calculator! It does not scan the harddrive, nor does it read or write anything to it!

1-4a Sector2Percent Calculator is freeware,
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